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Are you worried about spending the whole year in your dorm room? We were too.

Don’t get us wrong, staying inside comes with many perks. We know them well here at The Varsity. But if we were to describe our team, we’d say we’re a bunch of people who are more accustomed to binge-watching TV in bed, but one day, we decided to hit pause and try our hand at something new. Sure, there are some of us here who have that natural high-energy, go-getter nature, but we don’t mind if you don’t.

And seriously, we want you to work with us.

We’ve been covering the news at U of T for almost 150 years, and you can be a part of this legacy. There’s always a way to get involved, whether you’re a writer, artist, photographer, or video editor. No experience necessary; we’ll teach you the ropes. We’ve all been exactly where you are, both excited and nervous about all the opportunities available to you. We publish our paper because we care deeply about our community, and that includes you. So if this idea is even mildly interesting to you, give it a try and sign up to join our team here.

Hope to see you around!

The Varsity's Masthead, Volume 142

A message from Angad Deol, Sports Editor:

Hey you! Do you enjoy watching sports? Do you enjoy writing? Why not do both for The Varsity? Sign up here to cover the Varsity Blues for U of T’s newspaper of record.