Letter from the Editors

If you’ve ever been to a Scholastic Book Fair or a children’s library, you’ve seen those picture riddle I Spy books — By mimicking their theme, we hoped that our student handbook would ignite the same sense of wonder and curiosity.
When we first came to Toronto, the city felt like a game of I Spy, from getting lost on TTC routes to stumbling across student service offices. These are the kinds of problems that our handbook tackles.
But our handbook also pushes readers to find the treasures: the warm meals that will make your belly full or the groups that will believe in you enough to push your creations into the world. These are the hidden wonders that you will stumble across if you’re patient.
So look, look again, and then look even closer — we guarantee you that there is more to our school than what meets the eye.
— Alexa DiFrancesco, Handbook Editor & Makena Mwenda, Creative Director